Logical Security

All the applications that control the access to logical resources can be considered logical security applications: access to operating systems, access to networks or domains, authentication to programs and software. Usually the identification of a person is performed using a username and password: this authentication method can be replaced by the verification of the fingerprint.

Fingerprint Live Scanners

The HiScan, Fx2100 and Fx3100 scanners can be simply connected to a PC (Windows or Linux) through the USB port. These scanners can be used to perform the authentication process (instead of username and password) and can also be used to acquire high quality fingerprint images in law enforcement applications or border control applications.

Fx2100 Fx2100-basic grants a high resolution and large sensing area: this features enable the acquisition of good quality images and a drastic reduction in the percentage of false rejections... >>
Fx2100-basic SC Fx2100-basic SC scanner is available also as SC version (with an integrated Smart Card reader). The reader is detected by the Operating System as a standard PC/SC device and can be used by every application (third party also) to read/write most of the existing Smart Cards and Memory Cards ... >>
Fx2100-PIV Fx2100-PIV Compared to Fx2100-basic it has an image quality compliant with PIV specifications, often required for government applications... >>
Fx2100-PIV SC Fx2100-PIV SC adds to Fx2100-PIV a internal Smart Card Reader (PC/SC compatible), which is recognized by the operating system as a standard PC/SC reader and can be used from any application... >>

FxQuicky FxQuicky is a new smart scanner capable of processing and recognizing fingerprints on board (Match-on-Board). The PC connected to the scanner is not involved in processing the biometric data: images and templates of the users are not transferred to the PC, thus increasing security and privacy, and doesn't need and SDK... >>

HiScan HiScan (1" x 1" - 500 dpi) is a professional fingerprint scanner. The high quality optical design makes HiScan the ideal solution for applications (e.g., forensic and civil AFIS, border crossing, electronic passport, visa, identity card, etc) requiring great accuracy and interoperability according to international standards >>
HiScan-FG HiScan-FG adds to HiScan an intuitive led graphical interface to instruct the user the finger to be scanned and the scan quality (green, orange and red)... >>

HiScan PRO HiScan-PRO Compared to HiScan it has an image quality compliant with IAFIS specifications, often required for government applications... >>
HiScan PRO-FG HiScan PRO-FG adds to HiScan PRO an intuitive led graphical interface to instruct the user the finger to be scanned and the scan quality (green, orange and red)... >>

OEM HiScan and Fx2100 are also available in OEM verstion. These components make it possible to embed advanced fingerprint recognition functionalities into third party devices ... >>

Software e Programs

Many software programs have been developed for HiScan, Fx2100 and Fx3100. This software represent a possible use of this technology and most of them are supplied for free together with the scanner.

FxSentinel FxSentinel (free with Fx2100, Fx3100, HiScan) is a demo software with a nice user interface, which helps to acquire knowledge of the basics of fingerprint recognition, both in the case of 1-1 fingerprint verification and in the case of 1-N identification ... >>
FxSecure FxSecure (free with Fx2100) protects your private files through your fingerprints. The software exploits Biometrika fingerprint recognition technology to restrict access to the enabled users only... >>

SmartAfis SmartAfis is a fingerprint based identification system designed for medium-scale application (forensic or civil). SmartAfis core technology includes an indexer developed by Biometrika that enables the rapid and effective search of a person in a database of hundreds of thousands of fingerprints >>

Developers Kit (SDK)

The scanners HiScan, Fx2100 e Fx3100 can be rapidly and effectively integrated in third party software. For Example, the FxISO SDK library enables the integration of all scanners produced by Biometrika and can be used in all main programming languages.

FxISO SDK FxISO SDK is a collection of powerful software modules for fingerprint acquisition, processing and matching. FxISO works with fingerprint templates compliant with ISO/IEC 19794-2 ... >>
FxISO SDK (Light) FxISO SDK Light version can ONLY acquire fingerprint images through Fx2100/Fx3100 and HiScan scanners. This version of FXISO SDK has been conceived for developers/researchers interested in using Biometrika's scanner ... >>
BioCard SDK BioCard SDK enables the storage of fingerprint templates and several other data on a Smart Card (called BioCard). This SDK supports any PC/SC Smart Card Reader ... >>
BioICAO Cloud BioICAO Cloud enables the compliance verification of a face image with ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard. ISO/IEC 19794-5. BioICAO Cloud can be used in all applications requiring to get a valid biometric photo (Passport, VISA, ID)... >>