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In this section you can find the latest device-drivers version of Biometrika hardware products.

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Customer technical support

For any problem with Biometrika hardware or software products e-mail to

For a more efficient support, for each single problem please include the following information:

  • Name and version of the product
  • Serial number of the scanner as reported by its label
  • Purchase date
  • Manufacturer and Model of the PC (i.e. HP Compaq dc7600)
  • Operating system of the PC (i.e. Windows XP)
  • Service Pack installed, if any (i.e. Service Pack 2)
  • The exact sequence of steps which causes the problem
  • In case of problems with the Fx2000/Fx2100/Fx3000/Fx3100/HiScan/HiScan PRO, include the report generated by the "Test and Configuration" utility (Control Panel)