Windows Driver

Product Windows 10 Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Fx2100 version 3.3
released: 16th of February 2018
(change log)
version 3.1
released: 30th of July 2014
HiScan / HiScan-PRO

Optional 32bit Version 64bit Version
SmartCard Reader embedded into Fx2100 SC ver. 1.2.15 - 32bit ver. 1.2.15 - 64bit

Linux Driver

Linux driver can be requested to Biometrika sending an email to

Please include the following information:

  • Scanner model
  • Serial number of the scanner as reported by its label
  • Name and version of the Linux distribution (es. Ubuntu 12.04)
  • Linux kernel version (you can get it with the command "uname -r")
  • Name and version of programm/SDK used with the scanner (es. FxISO SDK 1.4)

Drivers for discontinued products

Product Version
Fx2000 Ver. 3.1 (English)
(released 30th of July 2014)
Fx3000 Ver. 2.33
(released 18th of July 2012)
SmartCard Reader "OMNIKEY CardMan 2020"
(only for Fx2000 SC)
Win 98/ME/2000/XP/NT4
"CardMan 2020" Diagnostic Tool
(only for Fx2000 SC) (*)

(*) - Diagnostic Tool allows to display the status of the SmartCard readers installed in your system. You can activate the tool through the "Diagnostic Tool" icon in the Windows Control Panel. Run this setup only if after the SmartCard reader installation the tool is not automatically installed in the Windows Control Panel.