HiScan - Fingerprint Scanner  (1 inch x 1 inch - 500 dpi)

Fingerprint Sensor
Optical (FTIR)
Resolution: 500 dpi (1%)
Sensing area: 1" x 1" (25.4 mm x 25.4 mm)
Geometric distortion < 1%
Glass prism (abrasion resistant)
Temperature range: 5C 45C
Humidity range: 10-90% (not condensing)
Weight: 350 g
Certified by the FBI according to PIV
Image Quality Specifications
Certified according to ISO/IEC 19794-4
Compliant with implementing act (EU) 2019/329 for EES
Interface and Development
USB interface (Windows and Linux)
FxISO SDK (Windows and Linux)
TWAIN driver for image acquisition
Simple mechanical integration (OEM version)
User friendly led interface (FG version)

HiScan is a professional fingerprint scanner (1"x1"), certified by FBI according to PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Image Quality Specifications. HiScan has been conceived to become the reference in the single-finger scanner market: the high quality optical design makes HiScan the ideal solution for applications requiring a high level accuracy and interoperability with international standards (e.g., forensic and civil AFIS, border control, electronic passport, visa, identity card, etc).

HiScan has been certified by the FBI according to the PIV Image Quality Specifications. HiScan, completely designed and produced by Biometrika, is available both in DESK and OEM versions at a very appealing price (the best price for 1x1 PIV-compliant scanners).

HiScan can be used as a simple device for acquiring high quality fingerprint images or, in combination with the Biometrika FxISO SDK engine, to create complete biometric solutions for fingerprint-based identity verification or identification.

 Brochure (PDF format).

Click to see the full size image Example of image acquired with HiScan (click to see the full size image).

Market segment and applications

HiScan is a fingerprint scanner targeted to professional applications; in this market segment (Hi-End), in order to maximize accuracy and interoperability, fingerprint scanners are required to comply with some minimum specifications: sensing area at least 1x1, 500 DPI resolution, geometric distortion less than 1%. Examples of applications are:

  • biometric passport and border crossing
  • permit of entry and visas
  • electronic documents (ID cards)
  • forensic AFIS
  • civil AFIS
  • electronic voting
  • airport and port security
  • military applications
  • banks
  • logical and physical security (in the business sector)
  • ATM and kiosks

Scanner Certification and Comparison with competitors scanners

HiScan (completely designed and produced by Biometrika) has been conceived to become the reference in the single-finger professional scanner market segment. The comparative tests with competitor scanners show the HiScan superiority (please contact Biometrika for more details). The scanner cost is also very appealing.

HiScan, designed to produce maximum accuracy and interoperability, has been:

  • certified by the FBI (Nov 2007) according to the PIV (Personal Identity Verification) image quality specifications,
  • approved as a qualified fingerprint scanner for biometric data acquisition devices for the Electronic Identity Card (CIE),
  • meets all requirements described in implementing act 2019/329 of the European Commission for the biometric data for Entry/Exit systems

OEM version and Mechanical Integration

HiScan (OEM version) is targeted to system integrators. Its mechanical shape allows a very easy (and esthetically pleasant) integration inside third party systems. On demand, Biometrika can provide a specific plastic support for mounting the scanner on a panel, thus further reducing the integration cost. The scanner glass prism makes the scanner abrasion- and scratch- resistant, thus increasing durability and minimizing maintenance.

FG version

The FG version (FingerGuide), has a led graphical interface to instruct the user the finger to be scanned and the scan quality (green, orange and red).

  Brochure (PDF format).

Software Integration

The scanner can be used in applications requiring only to acquire fingerprint images (through the FxISO SDK light) and/or in complete biometric applications for fingerprint-based identity verification or identification (through FxISO SDK). HiScan is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

TWAIN Driver

HiScan driver also provides a TWAIN interface that enables the acquisition of fingerprint images through any software that supports this standard interface. Once installed, HiScan can be selected as a TWAIN image source from any application that supports the TWAIN interface.