Physical security: access control and time&attendance

The physical security product line includes all the components necessary to create fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance systems, ranging from simple stand-alone systems controlling a single gate to complex centralized systems (remotely administered) controlling a large number of gates.

Access Control and T&A Terminals and Devices

FxLock FxLock is a professional biometric terminal for fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance applications. The internal high quality fingerprint sensor and the powerful microprocessor make FxLock extremely secure and accurate... >>
OEM These components make it possible to embed advanced fingerprint recognition functionalities into third party devices ... >>

Software e Programs

FxAccessControl FxAccessControl is an end-user application for fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance. It is based on the FxGate architecture, that was developed by Biometrika for the centralized management of a network of FxLock units ... >>

Developers and Integrators Kit

FxGate SDK FxGate SDK: software development kit for the integration of FxLock terminals in third party applications ... >>