FxAccessControl - Access Control and Time&Attendance

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FxAccessControl is an end-user application for fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance. It is based on the FxGate architecture, that was developed by Biometrika for the centralized management of a network of FxLock units. FxAccessControl features include: user enrollment, user activation (or deactivation) on the terminals, time bands, download of the access records, definition of T&A events, etc.

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FxGate Architecture

FxAccessControl is based on FxGate architecture, that is a flexible and scalable architecture that makes it possible to manage a network of FxLock terminals and allows the entire system to be effectively monitored and remotely configured. All the data in transit over the network are encrypted with 128-bit session keys.

User management

FxAccessControl centralizes the enrollment of the users and the management of their biometric features. For each user, it is possible to set user-specific parameters, such as the similarity threshold that has to be exceeded in order to gain access.

Time bands

FxAccessControl allows to create different time-band profiles; at registration time, each user is associated to a time-band profile, thus defining his/her temporal access permissions.

T&A events

T&A events are configurable and can be personalized. In a time&attendance system, each identified user is asked to specify the event related to his/her transit.

Alarm management

FxLock units can be programmed to manage alarms. FxAccessControl allows to specify which users can activate/deactivate the alarms.

Card-readers management

FxAccessControl can manage smart card (or proximity) readers installed inside the FxLock units. A smart card could contain the user PIN (to avoid typing it on the keyboard) or the PIN + the fingerprint template (to avoid a centralized user database).

System monitoring and configuration

The state (network connection, biometric scanner state, parameters) of every FxLock unit can be monitored through FxAccessControl. It is also possible to remotely configure the main FxLock parameters.

Access data export

To further elaborate the access records, FxAccessControl allows to export the data in several formats (txt, MS Excel, MS Access).

RS 485 or TCP/IP

FxGate architecture supports RS485 and TCP/IP protocols.

Windows O.S.

FxAccessControl runs on Windows XP/Vista/Seven.