OEM devices: for integrators

These components make it possible to embed advanced fingerprint recognition functionalities into third party devices such as: biometric enrollment stations, access control and time&attendance terminals, alarm systems, electronic lockers, safe boxes, kiosks, ATM, etc.

HiScan OEM HiScan OEM HiScan is a professional fingerprint scanner. The high quality optical design makes HiScan the ideal solution for applications (e.g., forensic and civil AFIS, border crossing, electronic passport, visa, identity card, etc) requiring great accuracy and interoperability according to international standards ... >>
Fx2100 OEM Fx2100 OEM is available also as OEM version (without the external cover); the OEM scanner is suitable for integrations in third party devices. However, Fx2100 OEM is not a stand-alone system and therefore requires a PC running the recognition software... >>

FxIntegrator FxIntegrator is a professional module for fingerprint recognition, designed for integration in third party systems. Its high quality fingerprint sensor (top of the market area and resolution) allows to acquire high definition images and to maximize recognition accuracy. The internal powerful microprocessor allows the user identity to be verified in less than 1 second ... >>
FxIntegrator Toolkit FxIntegrator Toolkit is a developer kit for hardware integration in third party devices... >>