FxLock - Access Control and Time&Attendance

Fingerprint Sensor Click to learn more...
Optical, high resolution (569 dpi)
Wide acquisition area (13.2x25 mm2)
ISO compliant models
Microprocessor and memory Click to learn more...
ARM9 processor
Storage Click to learn more...
Basic: 8 MB Flash (about 1500 users)
Max 32 MB Flash (about 10000 users)
Keyboard and display Click to learn more...
Ergonomic keyboard (14 buttons)
Large back-lighted display (20x4)
FxLock standard color: blue
Networking and Security Click to learn more...
Stand-alone or Network
Ethernet (TCP/IP), Modem
FxAccessControl software (optional)
Power and Environment Click to learn more...
9-12V AC or 9-24V DC, 1000 mA
from 5 to 45 degrees, humidity controlled
Optional Click to learn more...
Relay board
Smart Card or Proximity reader
Back-up battery
SUN Technology Click to learn more...
other colors available for bulk orders...

FxLock is a professional biometric terminal for fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance applications. The internal high quality fingerprint sensor and the powerful microprocessor make FxLock extremely secure and accurate. Equipped with an integrated digital camera and audio peripherals, FxLock can also acquire images of the operator. FxLock can operate as stand-alone device or in a network with other devices. Thanks to the modularity of the components and the availability of a versatile Software Development Kit, FxLock is the ideal solution for system integrators.

 Brochure (PDF format).

Fingerprint Sensor

The high resolution of the internal sensor (569 dpi; i.e., 69 dpi more than FBI specifications) and its very large sensing area significantly improve the fingerprint recognition accuracy; the resolution and area of FxLock sensor are the highest among the existing biometric terminals. Thanks to these features, false rejections due to an incorrect placement of the finger are drastically reduced.

Please, refer to "A technical evaluation of fingerprint scanners" for more technical details on this topic.

Microprocessor and memory

The core of FxLock is a board equipped with an ARM9 microprocessor and 32 MB of RAM. This allows very large images (560×296 pixels) to be processed on-line, without sacrificing recognition accuracy.

Accuracy and efficiency

FxLock can operate both in Verification mode (1:1 match – PIN based), and Identification mode (1:N search on the database of enrolled users) with a very low error rate. A user verification takes about 0.8 seconds.

Templates and Transactions Storage

FxLock (basic model) can store up to 1500 fingerprints (up to 10000 in the model with max flash memory). Fingerprints are not stored as images but as templates (i.e., compact numerical features extracted from them): from a fingerprint template it is not possible to reconstruct the original fingerprint image. The terminal can locally store users’ access records.

User Interface

FxLock is equipped with a large back-lighted display (20x4) and a comfortable keyboard which allows the user/administrator to interact with the terminal and control it in a very simple way. Users can be enrolled locally or from a remote computer.

Stand-alone modality

FxLock can operate as a complete stand-alone unit (e.g., to control the access to a single door) needing no PC. All connections among the different components of the system are encrypted.


FxLock can operate not only in standalone mode, but can be configured with FxAccessControl, Biometrika access control software, that allows to control one or more FxLock units interconnected through a network via Ethernet and controlled by one server (PC). Biometrika FxAccessControl is a ready-to-use software solutions for centralized access control and time&attendance applications (including advanced management of users, groups, gates, permissions, etc.) All the data in transit among the different components of the system are encrypted with state-of-the-art algorithms and dynamic keys (128 bits).

Some examples of systems built with Fxlock units and accessories are here presented:

Power and Environment

FxLock has been designed to be installed in places protected from the direct exposition to sunlight, rain, excessive humidity and dust. Despite FxLock is made of robust components and is quite waterproof, Biometrika does not warrant the use of FxLock for outdoor applications. Temperature should be between 5 and 45 degrees. The unit requires an external power AC (in the range 9 - 12 Volt) or DC (in the range 9 - 24 Volt). The maximum current drawn is 1000 mA.


Fx2Relay (2 relays): This board is connected to the FxLock, and is capable of activating two relays in order to control electric locks, alarms and so on. FxRelay, to be mounted in the internal side of the room to protect, has its own microprocessor and communicates with FxLock in enciphered way following a challenge-response protocol. Therefore, eavesdropping the communication line is useless and forcing relay activation by re-playing previously transmitted data is not possible. The board can be programmed, through the FxLock unit, in a very simple way, by defining one or more events and by associating to each of them:
1) a user-friendly definition (e.g.: "open the door", "switch off the alarm", etc.);
2) an activation sequence of the relays on the board. When a user has been authenticated, FxLock display shows the list of programmed events, and, through the Fxlock keyboard the user can select the event he/she wants enable; in case a single event has been programmed, the system enables it automatically without needing any confirmation from the user.
Fx4Relay (4 relays): This board can be programmed like the 2-relay version, but is capable of controlling 4 relays, and is equipped with 4 digital inputs.
Extended Flash Memory: FxLock (basic model) has 8 MByte of flash memory and can store up to 1500 fingerprints. Biometrika can produce (upon request) models with more flash memory (up to 32 MByte, i.e. about 10000 fingerprints).
Proximity-card reader: FxLock can be provided with a proximity-card (or RF) reader. The proximity cards (or transponders) can be used as a substitute for the PIN in order to make the identification faster, expecially within systems containing many users. FxLock detects the presence of the card at a distance of several centimetres from its base (where the antenna is located). The reader is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-A standard, it works at the frequency of 13.56MHz with a max. communication rate of 106Kbit/s. The supported cards are: Mifare classic, Mifare UltraLight, Mifare Pro (X), Mifare DESFire.
Smart Card Reader: FxLock can be equipped with a smart card reader. Fingerprint templates can be stored on the cards (in encrypted form), so that it is not necessary to maintain a centralized database; each user brings his/her biometric features in his/her pocket (max privacy). Using smart cards also allow to access different non-interconnected terminals.
Back-up battery: FxLock can be equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, that allows the unit to continue working in case of temporary interruption of the external power supply (up to 3 hours). This optional includes, beside the battery, the internal recharge circuit. Note that the continuity is provided to the FxLock unit and to the FxRelay board connected to the unit, but not necessarily to the rest of the system (e.g., electric locks or other actuators that do not have their own back-up system).
SUN Technology: Biometrika SUN technology shields the reader from strong and direct sunlight.

Please note that internal optional (extended flash memory, back-up battery, proximity-card reader, smart card reader) must be expressly required when ordering the FxLock unit: they cannot be mounted subsequently. On the other hand, external optional (such as FxRelay board) can be ordered separately, and added to the system afterwards.