Support for Linux Operating System

The Fx2100, Fx3100 and HiScan fingerprint scanners are usable as well from Linux world!
It is enough that you have installed a distribution with libUSB. There is no need to compile any driver.

Besides the scanner you will be provided with a basic console utility for configuration and test of the scanner and the capture of a fingerprint in TIF format.


FxISO SDK, the powerful Software Development Kit is available under Linux both in a light version and a complete version! A set of functions written in standard C and available as a static library (in the very common ELF format compatible with gcc compiler) allows to interact with the Fx2100, Fx3100 and HiScan scanners.
An example is provided in C source code together with the SDK: a simple console application to capture a fingerprint and save it in WSQ format.

Platform portability

FX3 SDK is developed in ANSI C and it allows Biometrika to easily create an SDK version for platforms different from Intel/AMD.

The most important example lies in the porting for Raspberry Pi, a credit size computer provided with USB interface to which it is possible to connect the fingerprint scanner. This allows developers for Raspberry Pi to write fingerprint acquisition and recognition programs. Thank to a special optimized version for the ARM processor the matching time between two fingerprints is just blazingly fast.