FxQuicky - Fingerprint scanner (Match-on-Board)

Fingerprint Sensor Click to learn more...
Optical, high resolution (500 dpi)
Wide acquisition area (13.2x25 mm2)
Match-on-Board Click to learn more...
Core ARM9 (200 MHz) + 16 MB RAM
Identity verification in less than 1 sec
Storage Click to learn more...
Basic: 4 MB Flash (about 1500 users)
Max 32 MB Flash (about 10000 users)
ISO compliant models
Integration and Development Click to learn more...
USB 2.0 HS - Virtual COM Port
ICP Protocol
Optionals Click to learn more...
Fx2Relay board
SUN Technology

FxQuicky is a smart scanner capable of processing and recognizing fingerprints on board (Match-on-Board). FxQuicky is the ideal solution to replace old identification system based on badge, barcode, smart card and RFID with a more reliable fingerprint technology. The PC connected to the scanner is not involved in the processing of biometric data: images and templates of the users are not transferred to the PC, thus increasing the easy to use. FxQuicky doesn’t require an SDK, but can be used thanks to a simple protocol called ICP (Integrator Control Protocol). This protocol is based on a set of commands exchanged over a virtual COM. This protocol is very fast to integrate and cut down integration time in software development.

 Brochure (PDF format).

Fingerprint Sensor

The high resolution of the internal sensor (500 dpi) and its very large sensing area significantly improve the fingerprint recognition accuracy: resolution and area of the FxQuicky scanner are the highest among the existing fingerprint modules. Thanks to these features, false rejections due to an incorrect placement of the finger are drastically reduced.

Please, refer to "A technical evaluation of fingerprint scanners" for more technical details on this topic.

Microprocessor and memory

The core of FxQuicky is a board equipped with a powerful microprocessor (RISC 32-bit, 200 MHz, ARM9) and 32 MB of RAM. This allows very large fingerprint images to be processed on-line, without sacrificing recognition accuracy.

Accuracy and efficiency

FxQuicky can operate both in Verification mode (1:1 match – PIN based), and Identification mode (1:N search on the database of enrolled users) with a very low error rate. A user verification takes about 0.8 seconds.

Template Storage

The FxQuicky can store up to 1500 fingerprints (up to 10000 in the model with max flash memory). Fingerprints are not stored as images but as templates (i.e., compact numerical features extracted from them): from a fingerprint template it is not possible to reconstruct the original fingerprint image.

Integrator Command Protocol (ICP)

FxQuicky can be driven by third party devices through the serial protocol ICP (Integrator Control Protocol). The USB connection is identified by the host as a virtual COM port and using this COM is very easy to send commands and receive results. FxQuicky operates as a biometric co-processor and supports storage of fingerprint templates: the external host (master) sends to FxQuicky (slave) enrolment, verification, and identifications requests, and wait for a response. Through ICP it is also possible to export/import/delete fingerprint templates and adjust several system parameters.

Integration and Development

FxQuicky is distributed with:

  1. Virtual COM driver for Windows, Linux and Mac;
  2. ICP Win software for controlling FxQuicky from a PC running Windows;
  3. ICP Win source code available in C language;
  4. C library for ICP protocol;


Fx2Relay/Fx4Relays: This board is connected to the FxQuicky, and is capable of activating the relay (2 on Fx2Relay and 4 on Fx4Relay) in order to control electric locks, alarms and so on. FxRelay, should be mounted in the internal side of the room to protect, has its own microprocessor and communicates with FxQuicky in enciphered way following a challenge-response protocol. Therefore, eavesdropping the communication line is useless and forcing relay activation by re-playing previously transmitted data is not possible. The board can be programmed, through the FxQuicky unit, in a very simple way. When a user has been authenticated relay n°1 is activated for one second. Using ICP protocol it is possible to set the relays and check the optoisolated input (2 for Fx2Relay and 4 for Fx4Relay).
Extended Flash Memory: FxQuicky (basic model) has 8 MByte of flash memory and can store up to 1500 fingerprints. Biometrika can produce (upon request) models with more flash memory (up to 32 MByte, i.e. about 10000 fingerprints).
SUN Technology: Biometrika SUN technology shields the reader from strong and direct sunlight.

Please note that optional (Fx2Relay board, extended flash memory ad SUN technology) must be expressly required when ordering the FxIntegrator unit: they cannot be mounted subsequently.