FxSecure - Document protection with fingerprints 

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Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista

FxSecure protects your private files through your fingerprints. The software exploits Biometrika fingerprint recognition technology to restrict access to the enabled users only. The files are first compressed and then encrypted by using 128-bit "state of the art" algorithms. Extremely user-friendly, FxSecure proposes the same graphic metaphor (drag & drop of files) which made WinZip one of the most famous utility for Windows.

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Biometric protection of files

FxSecure allows you to simply create digital "safe boxes" for your private files; your fingerprints are the key enabled to open these boxes. The high accuracy of Biometrika fingerprint recognition avoids any unauthorized user access to your files.

User friendly

FxSecure is based on the well-established "drag & drop" graphic metaphor which allows to drag and drop documents inside/outside the safe boxes. Everybody who used, at least once, a Windows compression utility (like WinZip, WinRar) will find FxSecure extremely easy and intuitive. The software associates a new proprietary icon to the safe boxes and a simple double click is sufficient to access the protected files. FxSecure allows the user to open, view and modify the documents, without requiring to explicitly extract them from the safe box.

Encryption and compression

FxSecure encrypts all the documents with a 128-bit “state of the art” symmetric algorithm, and decrypts them only when they have to be extracted from the safe box. Before encryption, FxSecure performs file consolidation and compression in order to minimize the size of the box. Analogously, after decryption, documents are automatically decompressed.

Multi-user access

The access to the same safe box can be extended to more than one user, by simply performing an initial multi-enrollment of the corresponding fingerprints. This makes it possible to create safe boxes shared among a group of users.

Secure e-mail

Each safe box consists of a single file which can be simply attached to an e-mail message. Two users, both sharing the same safe box, can simply exchange documents by dragging them into the safe box and then attaching the safe box to an e-mail message. The compression performed by FxSecure minimizes the file size and therefore the e-mail delivery and download times; FxSecure encryption prevents any attack or eavesdropping on the messages send over the Internet.