FX3 Software Development Kit

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FX3 is a collection of powerful software modules for fingerprint acquisition, processing and matching. The use of highly innovative feature extraction and pattern recognition algorithms, derived from intensive research in cooperation with academies, makes FX3 algorithms extremely accurate and efficient. FX3 SDK provides the developer with an ideal platform for running and debugging complex fingerprint-based applications.

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Multi-modal matching

To improve recognition accuracy, 5 distinct matching modules are used. Each module is based on different features. In fact, especially on low quality fingerprint images, using only minutiae (like almost all recognition algorithms do) does not guarantee sufficient accuracy. For technical details, please refer to "The FX3 approach to fingerprint recognition".

"Gray-scale" feature extraction

Minutiae, and all the other features used, are directly extracted from the gray-scale image, thanks to a variant of the well-known "Direct Gray-Scale Minutiae Extraction". This method avoids the loss of important details while pre-processing the fingerprint and improves significantly the elaboration speed. For technical details, please refer to "The FX3 approach to fingerprint recognition".

Extremely accurate and fast

Quoting absolute FRR and FAR performance does not make sense, since these parameters strongly depend on the database used for the test. Anyway, using an internal database of fingerprint collected through the Fx2000 scanner, we measured:

  • Equal Error Rate (FRR = FAR): 0.0012 (0.12%)
  • ZeroFAR (FRR when FAR = 0): 0.0034 (0.34%)
As to efficiency (on a Pentium III - 500 MHz):
  • An identity verification (1:1) takes 0.47 seconds in default mode and 0.31 seconds in fast mode.

  • An identification (1:N) in a database of 50 individuals averages 3.35 seconds in default mode and 1.43 seconds in fast mode.

Please, refer to "The FX3 approach to fingerprint recognition" for further details.

Multiple templates and encryption

The software provides primitives for enrollment of multiple fingerprints images (template consolidation), and key-management routines for storing and transmitting encrypted templates (128-bit symmetric encryption).


Developers can adjust some algorithm parameters (e.g. matching speed: default o fast) to optimize performance for each specific application.

Support of all Biometrika's sensors

FX3 SDK provides advanced support to all Biometrika's sensors (Fx2000/Fx3000 and HiScan included). Images and templates acquired/generated with FxLock and FxIntegrator are compliant with FX3 SDK as well.

Control of the Match-On-Board features of Fx3000

FX3 SDK includes a large set of functions for controlling the Match-On-Board capabilities of Fx3000 (FX3MOB); these comprise on-board feature extraction and matching, storage of information on the scanner Flash memory and access to the encryption functionalities.

Light Version (acquisition only)

FX3 SDK LIGHT version can ONLY acquire fingerprint images through Fx2000/Fx3000 and HiScan scanners. This version of FX3 SDK has been conceived for developers/researchers interested in using Biometrika's scanner only to acquire fingerprint images and to use them with other recognition algorithms. With the Fx3000 scanner it is possible to use its on-board feature extraction and matching functionalities (FX3MOB).

Easy development of applications under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Linux

FX3 SDK has been conceived for an easy application development; thanks to some ready-to-use graphical interfaces for the most common tasks, it allows the development cycle of an application to be shortened. The picture below shows the standard graphical interfaces for fingerprint acquisition (AGI) and user enrollment (EGI):

Fx3 SDK is compliant with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Linux. It can be used with all the common programming languages and development systems (Visual C, Visual Basic...).