Application Biometrika's solution
Government applications Products:
HiScan , HiScan PRO , Fx2100-PIV 
Historically, this is the sector that firstly employed biometrics (fingerprints in particular). More recently, biometrics is being considered with renewed interest to increase security against terrorism and fight illegal immigrations. World wide, several projects are planning to adopt biometrics for personal identification. The main applications are:
  • AFIS for criminal identification
  • Civil AFIS to avoid multiple concession of benefits under false identities
  • Security check in airports and prisons (staff access)
  • Traveller control at airports and borders
  • Control of illegal immigration
  • Passports and VISA cards

HiScan is a professional (single-finger) scanner targeted to government applications. The devices of this class must have an acquisition area of 1" x 1", work at a resolution of 500 dpi, have a geometric distortion less than 1%, etc. This allows to exchange high quality images acquired with different proprietary systems, thus making the systems interoperable at image level (NIST/ISO specifications).

Although the devices targeted to this market segment are quite expensive, HiScan is proposed at a very appealing price.