Application Biometrika's solution
Logon to a PC or a Network Products:
Fx2100-basic , Fx3100
Logon to a single PC or a network by using fingerprints instead of clumsy and unsafe passwords. For a discussion on the advantages of using biometric techniques instead of passwords or badges please refer to Biometrics vs Passwords.

Fx2100-basic and Fx3100 are the ideal solution for the Logon to a single PC.

Password Bank (Single Sign-On) Products:
Fx3100, Fx3100 SC, Fx2100-basic SC
Nowadays, every computer user must remember not only the logon password, but several other passwords that are necessary to access different kinds of network resources (private areas on web sites, databases, protected applications, etc.). Single Sign-On (biometric) allows to store all these passwords in a safe area (sometimes called “bank of passwords”); when a web site, for instance, require to insert a password, the system recognize the user’s profile and require a biometric authentication: once the user identity has been verified, the system automatically provides the right password to the application or web-site.

Fx3100 scanner is the ideal solution for Single Sign-On applications. Passwords can be stored directly on the device, thus ensuring the greatest security. On the other hand, most of the scanners available on the market store the passwords on the PC where: 1) they are at risk of external attacks, 2) might get lost in case of irreversible crash of the system, 3) are not easy to be transferred to another PC. A Password bank enables the storage of passwords either on Fx3100 or a smart card. With a smart card the owner can use their password bank on any computer where an Fx3100 SC is installed.

Fx2100-basic SC is another valid solution for Single Sign-On applications; even in this case, the user carries his/her passwords stored on a smart card, biometrically protected.

Remote Authentication on Internet Products:
FxISO SDK , Fx2100-basic SC
The boom of the World Wide Web has intensified the interest in the electronic commerce and, in general, in those applications that allow remote access to resources of every kind. Even if it offers great opportunities, its dangers must not be underestimated. This is a sector where there is a strong need for security; often it is necessary to verify the identity of a user on Internet when he/she is connected to a web site offering some kind of service. Passwords are not a safe solution as they can be stolen or shared among more users. Biometrics is a natural solution to remote authentication. Among the applications which nowadays can greatly benefit from such technology, we remark:
  • Home Banking, E-Trading
  • Access to remote archives or distributed databases
  • Secure download/upload of documents in remote archives
  • Business to Business e-commerce

FxISO SDK allows fingerprint-based authentication to be integrated in every kind of application. Biometrika developed some add-on components (COM technology) which make it very easy to integrate fingerprint authentication into Internet Explorer and IIS Web Server. Biometrika (as well as through its partners) is available to develop Web-based applications for third parties or to support customers in designing complex applications which also require the use of encryption algorithms and protocols (SSL, PKI, Digital Certificates).

Digital signature (biometrically enabled) Products:
Fx3100 , Fx2100-basic SC
Recently, many countries have introduced laws which confer to digital signature legal value; therefore, we will assist to the spreading of many new applications, changing the way several common tasks are today performed (think for instance to the possibility of registering minutes, trial records, expert's reports, balances or signing contracts simply remaining seated in front of a PC). In practice, the digital certificates necessary for digital signature are released, by Certification Authorities, inside Smart Cards. Therefore, digitally signing a document requires possessing a Smart Card and the knowledge of the password which usually protects the certificate stored inside the card itself. Undoubtedly, these two elements are not enough to assess that who is digitally signing a document is actually the authorized individual; in fact, the Smart Card and the password can be stolen or simply lent. Using biometrics (for example fingerprint recognition) to enable the certificate stored in the card is the only secure way to verify the user identity.

Fx3100 is the ideal solution for digital signature applications (biometrically enabled). In fact, its PKCS#11 interface makes it very simple to be interfaced and guarantees interoperability with common cryptographic tokens (e.g., a smart card) used for digital signature. Fingerprint authentication and subsequent unlock of the signature key are performed “on-board” thus avoiding the host application to manage biometric issues.

The Fx2100-basic SC scanner, that is equipped with an internal PC/SC smart card reader, can be also used for digital signature applications.

Protect and secure the exchange of documents Products:
This application consists in storing documents in a protected archive and preventing, by using fingerprint recognition, any illicit access. This kind of protection is particularly useful when the document has to be extracted from the PC and stored elsewhere (i.e. on a CD-ROM or a Diskette) or has to be sent by e-mail over an unsecured net like Internet. In fact, whilst a secure Logon to Windows allows the files on the PC to be protected, the files are exposed to unauthorized access when they leave the PC.

FxSecure encrypts, compresses and consolidates documents and files into secure archives, whose access is controlled by fingerprints. The program is easy to use and very intuitive; the created archives can be safely exchanged by e-mail.