Application Biometrika's solution
Accessi Control Products:
FxLock, FxAccessControl, FxIntegrator

Access Control
The physical access to a room (office, lab, home, ...) is controlled through fingerprints. This application has the double advantage of ensuring a great security, not allowing unauthorized accesses, while sparing users the hassle of carrying keys or badges. Moreover, compared to traditional keys, biometric access control eases revoking (partially or totally) the user the access permission, without changing the lock.

FxLock is the professional solution for fingerprint-based access control and time&Attendance applications. Modular and highly configurable, the FxLock product range includes all the components necessary to create end-user applications. The FxLock terminal can operate stand-alone or in a network under the control of a remote server (PC); the ideal configuration is a network of FxLock terminals under the centralized control of a server running the FxAccessControl application that effectively manages all the issues related to access control systems.

A stronger integration with third party devices is also possible through the FxIntegrator module.

Time&Attendance Products:
FxLock, FxAccessControl, FxIntegrator

It consists in substituting the typical card clocking in/out with a biometric authentication, with the obvious advantage of eliminating “buddy-punching”.

See Access Control.